Happenings with The Gonzalez Five

David, Tina, Philip, Paul & Samuel

Monday, March 23, 2009

Faux Asians Eating Faux-ish (but decent) Korean Food : )

My Brother and SIL where in town for a second (literally!).  Fortunately we were able to meet up in Jack London Square for dinner and coffee - It was really nice!  

                             The lovely Adina & my Brother Tage

Sammy slept through dinner, but joined us later for coffee : )

Sulfur Creek Nature Center

The boys went to a birthday party at Sulfur Creek - They really enjoyed seeing and touching all of the creatures.

                                         Paul with a chinchilla on his lap.

Celebrating March Bday's - Dave's, Arthur's and Mine

                                                 Dinner at Buffalo Bills

                                                Mr. "Phils" @ the Bills.
                              Sammy playing under our table : ) We sat outside.
                                   Sammy & Paul playing with Uncle Arthur

Karate Kids

    Getting ready for Saturday ITC (Intensive Training Curriculum)