Happenings with The Gonzalez Five

David, Tina, Philip, Paul & Samuel

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update on the black belt

So, being the picture freak that I am,  I tend to only like to blog if I have a picture to go with it. Philip did indeed earn his black belt, but we had to wait awhile for his new uniform to come in, which it has, but now I need to get a black ribbon-thingy sewed around the collar, which I have yet to do.  Thus there is no picture of Philip with his new black belt uniform, thus there has been no blogging from me.  Thought I should at least give an update though on this topic as Philip really worked hard and did a great job with everything and did earn his black belt.  It was very exciting and I will post pictures of him in his new uniform soon.

What'da ya know I did have some pictures to post with this blog.  I kept everyone waiting for nothing!

Getting ready to run at 7 AM on Sunday - when they get to the top of Garin hill, that's where the "real" testing takes place.

Almost to the studio.

Everyone waited on the corner of Mission Blvd. near the karate studio to cheer the group on as they came down the street.  (As you can see Paul is very into cheering his brother on as he is glued to his video game! : )

Philip & his partner for the black belt test.  They seemed to be evenly matched in size! : )

                               And here he is with his new black belt!